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Recliner Footrest Springs or Power Spring, Rocker Spring
  • Recliner Action Spring 130mm
    Recliner Action Spring frequently used on ACTION STYLE (swivels, gliders & rockers) recliner chairs. The RS130 recliner mechanism spring is suitable for replacing broken springs or lost springs on many variations of active recliner chairs.
    NZ$ 15.75 Each
    NZ$ 18.11 incl GST
    9 in stock
    In Stock
  • Recliner Footrest Spring 180mm
    Recliner spring steel footrest spring used on recliner chairs and reclining sofa's. The Furnacc footrest spring suits several styles of recliner chairs sold on the New Zealand and Australian markets.
    NZ$ 22.05 Each
    NZ$ 25.36 incl GST
    4 in stock
    In Stock
  • Recliner Footrest Spring SET
    Recliner footrest springs SET consists of two 180mm long springs for both sides of a recliner chair to operate the footrest. Furnacc supplies matching blue and red coloured springs. Details below:
    NZ$ 31.74 Set
    NZ$ 36.50 incl GST
    1 in stock
    In Stock
  • Rocker Spring Top Fitting (Set of 2)
    Rocker Spring (Set of 2) from Furnacc. Top quality replacement set of rocker springs from the USA. Heavy duty 8-Turn 7g (4.47mm) spring wire. Two springs encased inside a metal cage for TOP FITTING. Supplied as a set of 2 for both sides of a rocker. Care needs to be taken when replacing springs due to the force of the 7g springs. May need two people to do the work.
    NZ$ 118.88 Set
    NZ$ 136.71 incl GST
    6 in stock
    In Stock
  • Sofa Bed Springs
    Sofa Bed Springs for use with trampoline sleeping surface 3-Fold Sofa Bed Mechanisms. Two sizes are available 63mm (2 1/2") and 80mm (3"). The measurement in millimeters is the overall length. Limited stock only available.
    NZ$ 3.00 Each
    NZ$ 3.45 incl GST
    16 in stock

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