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Connect Wooden Bed Frame 132mm Joiners


Connect Wooden Bed Frame 132mm Joiners
Connect Wooden Bed Frame 132mm Joiners from Furnacc. A set of 8 strong metal pieces for connecting the four corners of a wooden be frame. The 132mm length is for use on WIDE head & side panels of bed frames. A shorter 90mm version is available for narrower head & side panels. Check which size fits your bed frame.
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The 132mm Joiners are the preferred method of connected bed frames with side rails greater than 150mm.  There are no bolts or nuts to tighten and the Joiners simply lock into place.  The mushroom shaped dome heads drop into the round hole with the shanks dropping down the curved slot to lock with the dome heads protruding.  Gravity and use of the bed will tighten the grip so that they won't come loose.  However for future storage or transport reasons the 132mm Joiners can be knocked apart quite easily.  The 4 flat Fixing Plates (with dome heads) are not 'handed' and can go in any corner and are usually fitted to the head rail and tail rail.  The 4 Angle Brackets are 'handed' in that there is a Left Hand pair and a Right Hand pair.  These are usually fitted to the side rails.  The large hole always goes to the top.  Lay out the 8 components in the desired position before commencing any assembly.  A hardware mechant will advise on the screw gauge, screw head size & type and length as this will vary depending on the construction of your bed frame.  32 screws are required in total for a set of 8 brackets.  A guide to the hole sizes and dimensions is shown under the Specifcations tab.

 Plate Type  Height  Width  Thickness

Number  Screw Holes / Plate

 Number Screw Holes / Bed Set Screw Hole Diameter  Countersink Diameter
 FIXING Plate  120mm  37mm  2.50mm  4  16  5mm  9mm

 Plate Type  Height  Fixing Side Width  Dome Head Side Width  Thickness  Number Screw Holes / Bracket  Number Screw Holes / Bed Set  Screw Hole Diameter  Countersink Diameter
 Angle Bracket  132mm  19mm  24mm  3.00mm  4  16  5mm  9mm
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