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Replacement Flexible Wooden Slats 53mm


Replacement Flexible Wooden Slats 53mm
Replacement Flexible Wooden Slats 53mm wide from Furnacc. European sourced Beech timber laminated bed slats with arc curved surface. Three (3) lengths cater for Super King, King, Queen, Double, King Single and Single bed sizes. Easily cut down to size for the exact length you require. Prices for 15+ sets available.
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Genuine original European laminated posture slats.  Strong European Beech laminations are bonded together with resin adhesive under great heat and pressure to produce laminated slats that are stronger than the original thickness of equivalent solid timber.  The laminations, bonded as they are, permit flexibility and great resistance to constant flexing. Flexible laminated slats are perfect for use in bed manufacturing.  The number of timber laminations per slat is carefully chosen and will vary depending on the width and thickness of each slat.  These have been selected by experts who specialize in the field of laminated timber manufacture.  The radius on all slats is 4,000mm. A high quality natural varnish is used on both the topside and underside of each slat.  Each slat will last for many years use however to get extended life from your slats it is recommended that every 2 to 3 years the slats be rotated on the bed from high load areas under shoulders and hips to low load areas under head and ankles. Such slat rotation will extend the life of your slat bed by many years however the exact length of time cannot be guaranteed as there are outside factors involved such as the type of slat holder used and weight and construction of the mattress itself.  A summary of suitable bed sizes for each slat length is shown under the Specifications tab.

Genuine European Beech

Laminated Arc Flexible Slats

Easily cut down to size

Can fit most bed sizes on the market

53mm wide slats are usually fitted in pairs in slat holders with one single slat entry hole

These slat sizes may need to be cut down to size to fit the actual bed size:-

1055mm x 53mm x 9mm suits King Single & Californian King

915mm x 53mm x8mm suits SingleNZ KingAustralian King and Super King

775mm x 53mm x 8mm suits Double & Queen 

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