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Turned Wooden Leg 124mm (h) Mahogany


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Turned Wooden Leg 124mm (h) Mahogany
Turned Wooden Leg 124mm (h) Mahogany finish. Stylish classical look of god seating height to display the timber turnings. Width of 78mm. Top quality solid European Beech timber suitable for sofa's and lounge suites. First class Mahogany finish.
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NZ$ 25.15 including GST
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Traditional turned wooden leg suitable for lounge suites, chairs and sofas.  Timber is tight grained European Beech coated with a durable MAHOGANY stain.  Height is 124mm including the 4mm x 18mm chrome plated dome on the base. Width is 78mm.  Fitting is by threaded bolt already inserted through the centre of the wooden foot.  The thread diameter of the bolt is Metric 8mm (M8) and is 30mm long.  An Insert Nut M8 x 22.5mm is included with each leg supplied.  This is the strongest fitting available.  The drill size for the wooden frame to fit these 8mm Insert Screws is 9.5mm and the hole should be at least 32mm deep to permit clearance of the threaded bolt inside the frame. The Insert Screw is wound into the prepared hole by use of an 8mm diameter Allen Key. The threaded bolt should then be easily wound into the fitted Insert Screw for a secure and stable result.

Suitable 9.5mm drill bits and 8mm Allen Keys are available on the "ASSOCIATED ITEMS" tab of this website if required.

Genuine European Beech timber

Attractive tight grain of the Beech timber is hard-wearing

Durable stain finish

Threaded bolt inserted the fulll length of the leg for strength

Heavy duty M8 threaded bolt with 30mm extended length for strong fitting

Protective plastic sleeve over threaded bolt

Individually wrapped

 Timber  Shape  Height  Width  Leg Fitting  Fitting for Frame

 European Beech

Mahogany Stain

 Classic Turned


(includes 3mm x 18mm dome on base)

 70mm diameter

 M8 x 30mm threaded bolt

(factory fitted)

 M8 Insert Nut

(supplied loose)

Each leg has the M8 (metric 8mm) threaded bolt factory fitted.  Each threaded bolt is shrouded in a plastic sleeve to help prevent damage to other legs in transit.  Each wooden leg is individually wrapped in bubble wrap to help prevent damage during transit.  M8 Insert Nuts for fitting to the wooden underside of chair or sofa frame are packed separately in a polybag inside the carton.  Check for these before throwing out the packaging. All legs are supplied inside strong cardboard packaging.

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    NZ$ 4.60 incl GST
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