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Scott Button Mould (Mold) Sets (Fronts & Backs)


Scott Button Mould (Mold) Sets (Fronts & Backs)
Scott Button Mould (Mold) Sets (Fronts & Backs) manufactured from plastic and suitable for outdoor use. Can be used indoors. Need to be covered with material such as fabric, canvas or vinyl requiring the use of a press and die & cutter sets of the appropriate size. Available in L30 and L36 sizes. Sold in sets of 500 pcs consisting of Fronts (2pc) and Backs.
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Scott Plastic Button Moulds (Molds) are supplied in 2 sizes.  Ligne 30 (3/4" e19mm) and Ligne 36 (7/8" e22mm).  The Front consists of 2 pieces - the round 'shell' and a central pin. Before use the pin must be fitted through the shell.  A single round Back completes a set.  The front and back are crimped together with a hand or pneumatic press utilizing the appropriately sized 2 pce button die and cutter sets. Wade brand dies and cutters from C.S. Osborne USA will accept the Scott Plastic Button Moulds.  Plastic moulds are suitable for exterior use including the use of vinyls and light canvas.  Scott Button Moulds can also be used on interior fabrics and leather.  Heavier cloths/leather can be 'skived' on the reverse to fit.  Both sizes are sold as complete sets of 500 pcs consisting of a plastic bag containing 500 Fronts and 500 Pins and a second plastic bag containing 500 Backs.

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