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38mm High Plastic Foot for Furniture


38mm High Plastic Foot for Furniture
38mm High Plastic Foot for Furniture
NZ$ 3.48 excluding GST
NZ$ 4.00 including GST
Price for 4+:
NZ$ 2.80 per Each
Price for 12+:
NZ$ 2.00 per Each
Price for 20+:
NZ$ 1.50 per Each
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At 36mm high this plastic furniture glide lifts chairs and sofa's higher to improve the appearance and to offer users a higher seat height that provides more comfort on some furniture styles.  Diameter is the regular 57mm.  Fitting is by screw through central channel.  Screws not supplied.  Colour is black.  Material is hard wearing Polypropylene.  Quantity breaks for 10+ and 20+ units are available.

36mm High

Diameter is 57mm

Strong Polypropylene plastic

Height is 36mm

Diameter is 57mm

Screw shank needs to pass 25mm of plastic inside glide

Diameter of central screw hole is 4.2mm

Diameter of screw head access hole is 11mm x 11mm deep

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