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Recliner Housing & Cable Flat Oval Black Plastic Set


Recliner Housing & Cable Flat Oval Black Plastic Set
Recliner Housing & Cable Flat Oval Black Plastic Set. Extra Strong Screw/Nut fixing of Cable to Housing. Housing is 115x70mm. Cable is 960x5x130mm with Spring Assist.
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This product is called a Plastic Flat Oval Housing with Long Tail Recliner Cable

It comes as a complete set of Housing and Cable

This product is a replacement for recliner chairs with Black Flat Oval Housings.

The plastic housing is as the original OEM supplied by the manufacturer

The dimensions of the Housing are 115mm x 70mm and will fit most recliners with the Flat Oval Housing Shape

(Alloy Flat Oval & Round Metal and Plastic Housings are also available for different model recliners)

The cable connected to this Housing is 960mm overall and will fit almost all recliner chairs on the market

(if the cable appears too long the surplus can easily be coiled up inside the armrest out of the way)

The Barrel Shaped fitting that goes into the housing is 5.0mm in diameter and will fit most Flat Oval Housings

The cable is a Long Tail in that the measurent is 130mm from the plastic tab to the inside face of the 'Z' Hook

(If required a Long Tail can easily be converted to a Short Tail)

A strong wire coil spring covers the Long Tail and gives greater support to opening and closing the recliner footrest

Housing is original plastic OEM from the manufacturer

Shape of housing is Flat Oval

Dimensions of housing are 115mm x 70mm

Housing coloiur is black

Cable is 960mm long overall

Barrel connection (to housing) is 5.0mm diameter

Length of Tail (connects to mechanism) is 130mm

(Measurement of Tail is from outside edge of black plastic tab in a straight line to inside face of 'Z' Hook)

Tail is covered by a Coil Spring to privide greater strength when opening and closing the footrest

  • Housing Alloy Oval Black & Cable 960x5x130mm
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