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Upholsterers Regulator c/w Eye


Upholsterers Regulator c/w Eye
Upholsterers Regulator c/w Eye from Furnacc. The basic hand tool of every professional upholsterer. Slim design for smoothing and prodding fabric and linings into hard to access places. Many, many uses. Three (3) gauges available from Extra Light work to Heavy Duty work.
NZ$ 19.60 excluding GST
NZ$ 22.54 including GST
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In Stock
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 Code  Gauge  Length  Usage
 HT30610  10g (3.251mm)  250mm (10")  Extra Light
 HT3068    8g (4.064mm)  250mm (10")  Light
 HT3065    5g (5.385mm)  250mm (10")  Heavy
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