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Zig Zag Spring Clip


Zig Zag Spring Clip
Zig Zag Spring Clip from Furnacc with plastic coated inner surface to help prevent seat & back springs squeaking when compressed. Generous slot lengths permit easy fitting of the spring.
Used to fit springs also known as serpentine springs, snake springs, snakes, sinuous springs or seat springs.
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Very strong spring steel clips with plastic coating for holding in place zig zag springs (also known as snake springs or sinuous springs).  Holes in the longer base are slotted to allow nailing in the end of both channels.  The spring is fitted inside the clip and then closed off by hammering down and securing with clouts or blued tack nails through both the holes in top section and the already positioned longer base.  The plastic coating helps prevent against squeaking springs when metal rubs together.  Clout nails and Blued tack nails are available elsewhere on this website.

 Overall Length  Width  Height  Width of Slots
 22mm  20mm  16mm  3.8mm
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