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Slat Tensioner


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Tension Slider for Flexible Bed Slats
  • Omega 3-way 38mm Slat Spreader
    Omega 3-way 38mm Slat Spreader
    NZ$ 3.00 Each
    NZ$ 3.45 incl GST
    In Stock
  • Plastic Slider for 53mm Flexible Slats
    Plastic Slider for 53mm Flexible Slats is designed to be used in pairs to bind two 53mm flexible slats together to increase the weight loading on selected rows of a flexible laminated wooden slat bed. Due to its unique design the Furnacc plastic tensioner can accept slat combinations of between 14mm and 17mm.
    Also known as slat tensioners, rubber slat fittings, bed joiners and wooden slat parts.
    NZ$ 3.30 Each
    NZ$ 3.80 incl GST
    In Stock

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