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FURNITURE ACCESSORIES LIMITED is understood to be 'FURNACC' in these Terms and Conditions.

PACK SIZES Buy 1 or buy a 1,000; most items are sold individually although a few of the very small or awkward items such as continuous trim, decorative nails and blue cut tacks are sold in small pack sizes for convenience and to avoid damage in transit. These quantities are clearly stated alongside each product.

QUANTITY BREAKS These are offered as approprate and are clearly shown alongside each product. Pricing for quantity breaks is calculated automatically. On the shopping cart the total savings for quantity are clearly shown.

AUSTRALIAN CUSTOMERS The website is designed to easily display prices in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS. Simply select AUD in the drop-down currency box near the top (right hand side) of the shopping cart. Note you may need to click on the blue MAKE CHANGES link to enable Australian Dollars to appear. The goods will be despatched from New Zealand so it is important when on the shopping cart to select one of the two options for either regular standard postage or courier service. Minimum and maximum rates apply for both options. All pricing information is clearly shown on the shopping cart. Payment from Australia can be made by direct payment to our bank account or by debit or credit card through PayPal. Note GST is not charged on Australian purchases, however some Australian duties, taxes and charges may be imposed upon arrival by Australian Agencies and these are the responsibility of the purchaser.

GST Prices quoted do NOT include GST. However for convenience a GST inclusive price is clearly shown alongside the first displayed price for each product. GST is calculated on the total order value near the bottom of the shopping cart. GST is not charged on Australian and overseas purchases as they are treated as an export from New Zealand.

COURIER CHARGE As the combination of items of quite differing dimensions and weight in a mixed order is difficult to calculate all individual product pricing does NOT include the courier cost. This is an additional charge calculated on the weight and dimensions for the total order and shown as a separate item in the calculation box near the bottom of the cart. This postage or courier charge is a net figure and subject to GST. There is both a minimum courier charge and a maximum courier charge built into the calculation. IMPORTANT You will need to SELECT your choice of TRACKED POSTAGE or TRACKED COURIER for your location from the drop-down box on the Order Screen before proceeding to check-out.

CURRENCY Most items are destined for customers in New Zeland and Australia and so the shopping cart offers pricing in both NZ DOLLARS and AUSTRALIAN dollars. The default is NZ dollars. Australian customers should simply select AUD in the drop-down currency box near the top (right hand side) of the shopping cart and their prices will be expressed in AUSTRALIAN dollars.

PAYMENT The shopping cart offers the choice of DIRECT PAYMENT to our bank account or payment by Debit or Credit Cards through PAYPAL or by cheque. Options are clearly shown in the shopping cart. As this is an on-line business with no physical 'bricks & mortar' outlet it is not possible to arrange 'click and collect' or arrange 'physical collection' of any goods.

WARRANTY Furnacc undertakes to supply product to the highest quality and fit for purpose. Every effort will be made to satisfy customers concerns. Wherever appropriate the standard warranty terms of the original manufactures warranty apply. In most cases the warrany period is 12 months from original date of sale and is not transferable. Normal exclusions against fair wear and tear of the product purchased from the date of sale as a 'condition of sale' apply. At no times does any warranty offered or implied by Furnacc negate or lessen any legal responsibility provided under the New Zealand Fair Trading Act or The Australian Consumer Law (ACL).

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