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JCB Connectors


JCB Connectors For Beds And Bunks from Furnacc. Available in M6 and M8 metal threads. Several bolt lengths available. Sold individually or as sets with Barrel Nuts (Cross Dowels). Finish is Brass Plated. See 'Information' and 'Specifications' tab for details.
  • JCB m6 Connector BOLT ONLY
    JCB m6 Connector BOLT ONLY. Part of a set consisting of JCB bolt and Barrel Nut (Cross Dowel). These are BOLTS ONLY. Several bolt lengths available. Bolt head requires 5mm Hex Head Allen Key or similar when fastening. Short lengths are fully threaded whereas 120mm length is half threaded. Finish is Zinc Chromate for rust protection. Sold singularly.
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  • M6 Barrel Nuts (Cross Dowels)
    Barrel Nuts (Cross Dowels) used in conjunction with JCB 6mm thread diameter Connector Bolts on timber bed & bunk frames. Positioned inside cavity at 90 degrees with the JCB connecting bolt threading through the centre of the barrel nut. Two Barrel Nut lengths of 10mm and 12mm available depending on the thickness of timber involved. Sold individually.
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  • JCB M8 Connector Bolt Sets
    JCB M8 Connector Bolt Sets used for connecting timber bed frames and bunk sets together. Connect internally with Barrel Nuts (Cross Dowels) which are positioned at 90 degrees. Each set contains 1 x JCB M8 Connector Bolt and 1 x M8x15mm Barrel Nut.
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  • M8 Metric Cross Dowel (Barrel Nuts)
    JCB M8 Metric 8mm Cross Dowel (Barrel Nut) Only. Metric 8mm central thread and 15mm long. Outside barrel diameter is 11.5mm. Positioning slot is for a straight blade. Zinc Chromate Finish for rust protection. Sold singularly.
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