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We sell small quantities of 'hard-to-come-by' furniture and bedding accessories.

Welcome to the home of Furniture Accessories Limited known as Furnacc.  Here you will find products that are useful, and sometimes just downright critical to the functioning of your home furnishings. Many items are replacement parts for furniture and bedding that has broken or has simply got old whereas other items will allow you to decorate and put your own individual stamp upon your furnishings.  Be it a bed, a chair, a sofa, a recliner or a futon then Furnacc may well have the components that you need.

We invite you to browse through the Gallery where you can simply click on an item and be taken to a selection of that product, or you can search by word in the SEARCH BOX on the right hand side of the banner near the top of each page or simply select from the category list  in the shopping cart and follow the highlighted links to specific products or view the SITEMAP categories on the left hand side of this home page. Clicking on the Associated Items tab beneath each product page will bring up a full range of related items.



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