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  • Table Bracket Small
    Table Bracket Small 113mm (l) x 40mm (w) x 36mm (h). Used for fitting wooden legs to narrow framed chair or table frames. Angle tabs are slotted into side frames to provide leverage.  Frequently a Woodwhit Stud and Nut are used to tighten the leg against the frame.  Coach bolts and Insert Screws can also be used.  Sold individually but usually 4 are required per table or chair.
    NZ$ 3.80 Each
    NZ$ 2.80 Each
    NZ$ 3.22 incl GST
    16 in stock
    In Stock
  • Drawer Slides Replacements 300mm Brown
    Drawer Slides Replacements 300mm Brown plastic Push-in style from Furnacc. Designed to fit into 4 locating drill holes on the inside of cabinets. Locating lug positions are very specific to this fitting. Sold in pairs of Left Hand and Right Hand. Quantity break for 6 pair.
    NZ$ 3.30 Pair
    NZ$ 3.80 incl GST
    2 in stock
    In Stock
  • Silent Dome Carpet Glides
    Silent Dome Carpet Glides from Furnacc. 19mm and 25mm diameter. Saucer shaped glides with 3 sharp prongs for hammering into the bases of wooden chairs and tables. Easily slid across carpet or rugs. Minimum buy is 4 pieces with 16+ piece quantity break.
    NZ$ 2.17 Each
    NZ$ 2.50 incl GST
    246 in stock
    In Stock
  • Drawer Guides Push-in 295mm White
    Drawer Guides Push-in 295mm white from Furnacc. Simple Push-in draw runners similar to DR300WH but sturdier. Location holes for the pins may be fractionally different. Sold per pair of Left and Right hand with quantity break for 6 pair.
    NZ$ 7.95 Pair
    NZ$ 9.14 incl GST
    4 in stock
    In Stock
  • Drawer Runner Replacements Screw-in 295mm
    Drawer Runner Replacements Screw-in 295mm for bedroom cabinetry and the like from Furnacc. Colour White. Screw-in Style that sits flush with the cabinet facing - no location holes required for pins - just screw holes. Eight screws supplied.
    NZ$ 9.80 Pair
    NZ$ 11.27 incl GST
    1 in stock
    In Stock
  • Felt Padding
    Felt Padding from Furnacc.
    NZ$ 0.00 - 10.80
    In Stock
    Ships in 2 Days
  • Zig Zag Spring Clip
    Zig Zag Spring Clip from Furnacc with plastic coated inner surface to help prevent seat & back springs squeaking when compressed. Generous slot lengths permit easy fitting of the spring.
    Used to fit springs also known as serpentine springs, snake springs, snakes, sinuous springs or seat springs.
    NZ$ 0.75 Each
    NZ$ 0.86 incl GST
    10 in stock
    In Stock
  • Castor Cup
    Castor Cup in solid rubber used to retain furniture and bedding castors in place. Click on the 'Specifications' tab for dimensions.
    NZ$ 6.90 Each
    NZ$ 7.94 incl GST
    2 in stock
    In Stock
  • Platform Rocker Spring Set (pair)
    Platform Rocker Spring Set (pair) from Furnacc. Heavy-duty 7g (4.6mm) spring wire. Galvanized steel frame is 1.6mm thick. Overall length is 130mm, width (at widest) is 90mm. Six (6) fixing holes (6mm dia.) at 50mm spacing. Sold per Pair for Left & Right fitting. Fixing screws NOT supplied.
    NZ$ 89.00 Pair
    NZ$ 102.35 incl GST
    3 in stock
    In Stock
  • Rocker Springs for Wooden Rocking Chairs
    Rocker Springs for Wooden Rocking Chairs for each side of a rocker chair frame. Two heavy-duty springs are encased inside a sturdy steel open-sided box. Two steel boxes with springs are old as a SET (pair) for both sides of a rocker frame. Dimensions of each rocker spring box are 150mm x 50mm x 63mm.
    NZ$ 60.00 Set of 2
    NZ$ 69.00 incl GST
    2 in stock
    In Stock

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