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Bed Connectors


Wooden Bed Frame Connectors
  • Join Wooden Bed Frames 90mm Connectors
    Join Wooden Bed Frames 90mm Connectors from Furnacc. A set of 8 very strong metal pieces for connecting the four corners of a wooden bed frame. Mushroom head pins slide into pre-formed holes. The 90mm length is for use on NARROWER head & side panels of bed frames. Fittings can be disassembled (KD) if required.
    NZ$ 20.50 Set
    NZ$ 23.58 incl GST
    In Stock
  • Bed Connector Hook-in Style 130mm

    Bed Connector Hook-in Style 130mm 8pc Set for joining the corners of Wooden Bed Frames. Extended length for wider head, tail and side boards. Set consists of 4 hook-in style parts, handed for Left & Right, and 4 Striking Plates (unhanded). Sold as complete sets of 8 pcs.

    NZ$ 12.30 Set
    NZ$ 14.15 incl GST
    6 in stock
    In Stock
  • Bed Centre Rail Brackets
    Bed Centre Rail Brackets from Furnacc connect a centre rail to head & tail rails of a wooden bed frame. Sold as one (1) Complete Set (2 x angle brackets & 2 x plates with lugs) as required for each end of a wooden centre rail. Very strong steel fittings in zinc plated finish.
    NZ$ 10.00 Set
    NZ$ 11.50 incl GST
    In Stock
  • Universal Furniture Connector
    Universal Furniture Connector 20mm is suitable for discretely connecting furniture pieces, bed frames and cabinetry together. Simple to use this connector comes as two pieces that are fitted out-of-sight beneath the furniture and is only 20mm high. Spring-loaded, alligator type grip is easily released.
    NZ$ 14.20 Each
    NZ$ 16.33 incl GST
    3 in stock
    In Stock

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