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Bed Centre Rail Brackets


Bed Centre Rail Brackets
Bed Centre Rail Brackets from Furnacc connect a centre rail to head & tail rails of a wooden bed frame. Sold as one (1) Complete Set (2 x angle brackets & 2 x plates with lugs) as required for each end of a wooden centre rail. Very strong steel fittings in zinc plated finish.
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The Bed Centre Rail Connector is designed for timber framed beds.  A centre rail set consists of four (4) pieces.  An angle bracket goes up against timber/MDF head rails or a tail rails - one at each end.  A metal plate with lugs goes up against the end of the timber centre rail - one at each end.. These are then slid together to lock them into place.  The lugs on the plate are angled so that any weight loading presses downwards and forces the bracket to tighten. If measured and fitted correctly the centre rail will not move once locked into place.  Screws are not provided as each job is different and gauge and length will depend on the timber used in the bed frame and centre rail. There are three screw holes in the angle bracket and four screw holes in the lugged plate.  See under the Specifications tab for dimensions.

 Type  Marks  Width  Depth  Thickness  No of Holes  Hole Diameter  Finish
 Angle Bracket  unmarked


(at widest)

 Slot Side 38mm

Flat Side 32mm

 2.0mm  3  5.0mm  Zinc Chromate
 Flat Bracket  Part 'A'  70mm  40mm  2.0mm  4  6.0mm  Zinc Chromate

One (1) Set consists of 4 pieces - 2 x Angle Brackets & 2 x Part 'A'

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