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  Frequently Asked Questions

 Q     I can't enter the exact quantity I want in the drop-down box?

 A     Some products are only useful if more than one is purchased.  If this is the case then those products may be sold in multiples of more than 1 unit.  The system automatically rounds up the purchase quantity accordingly.  If the quantity is critical there is an option to 'Split' the quantity on that line of the order.

Q     I can't find the exact product I want on your website?

A     Furnacc's aim is to stock all products shown on the website. Simple!  If they are not displayed then we don't have them.  Occasionally a popular product may be temporarily out of stock and will still be displayed but clearly noted as being out of stock together with an indication of how long it will be before new stock arrives.  Advance pre-orders will be accepted under those circumstances

Q     The product I want looks similar to a picture on the website but it is not quite the same?

A     Usually Furnacc will already have sourced an alternative if it is readily available.  However put in an Enquiry through the Enquiry Tab for the similar product and if we can source it or suggest an alternative then we will do so

Q     The product supplied has been damaged in transit?

A     Let us know through the Enquiry tab, send pictures (.pxt) of the damage to (+64) (0) 21 047 4430 or email pictures to info@furnacc.com or Skype Furnacc and we will remedy the matter

Q.  The product supplied is broken, damaged, doesn't work or is faulty upon receipt?

A     Let us know within 7 days of receipt of the goods by telephone to (+64) (0) 21 047 4430 or by email to info@furnacc.com or use the Enquiry tab on this website.  Furnacc may need to physically see the goods for inspection as a condition of supply from the original manufacturer.  Depending on the fault a remedy will be offered by Furnacc to resolve the problem


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