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Bed Connector Hook-in Style 130mm


Bed Connector Hook-in Style 130mm

Bed Connector Hook-in Style 130mm 8pc Set for joining the corners of Wooden Bed Frames. Extended length for wider head, tail and side boards. Set consists of 4 hook-in style parts, handed for Left & Right, and 4 Striking Plates (unhanded). Sold as complete sets of 8 pcs.

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The 130mm Hook-in Style Connectors are the preferred method of connected bed frames with side rails greater than 100mm.  There are no bolts or nuts to tighten and the Hook-in parts simply slot into place in the Striking Plates. Gravity and use of the bed will tighten the grip so that they won't come loose.  However for future storage or transport reasons the 130mm Connectors can be knocked apart quite easily.  The 4 Striking Plates are not 'handed' and can go in any corner and are usually fitted to the head rail and tail rail.  The 4 Hook-in parts are 'handed' in that there is a Left Hand pair and a Right Hand pair.  These are usually fitted to the side rails.  See the Specifications tab for more detailed information.  Lay out the 8 components in the desired position before commencing any assembly.  A hardware mechant will advise on the screw gauge, screw head size & type and length as this will vary depending on the construction of your bed frame.  32 screws are required in total for a set of 8 pieces.

Set Consists of 8 pcs

Lay out Parts in proposed positions before drilling & assembly

HOOK-IN PART (4 pcs)

Parts and 'handed' Left and Right

Length of Part 100mm

Width of Plate Part 29mm

Width of Hook Part 9mm

Plate Part has 2 positioning prongs

Hook Parts attach to Side Rails

Part Stamped 1 positioned RH at Head of Bed & LH at Tail of Bed

Part Stamped 2 positioned LH at Head of Bed and RH at Tail of Bed


All Striking Plates are indentical

Striking Plates attach to Head and Tail Boards

Length of Striking Plate is 130mm

Width of Striking Plate is 15mm

Depth of Striking Plate is 10mm

Each Striking Plate has 4 positioning prongs

Striking Plate has 3 Slot Positions for Hooks

Postion Striking Plates so that Slots are nearest the outside of the bed frame

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