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Antique Castor Wheel Brass SQUARE 32mm Brs/Whl


Antique Castor Wheel Brass SQUARE 32mm Brs/Whl
Antique Castor Wheel Brass Square Cup with large 32mm Brass Wheel has a very traditional appearance for square timber legs. Made from solid brass, each is unique and may show slight variations which adds to their charm and authenticity. Click the heading link for more details including 4+ castor sets.
Also known as: antique caster wheel; wheeled castor; brass furniture castor and square cup castor.
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NZ$ 26.70 including GST
Price for 4+:
NZ$ 22.48 per Each
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Square cup wheeled castors are suitable as replacements for existing castors on traditional antique chairs, ottomans, sofa's, love seats and chaise-lounges. Suitable for use when wooden legs & mountings are incorporated into the design of the chair or sofa.  Some older style but newer furniture will benefit from the addition of wheeled castors particular when there is a desire to move them within the room.  Three (3) main types of fittings are available. These are: Screw-In Plate Fixing, Round Cup fitting and Square Cup fitting.  The correct version needs to be chosen. Each wheeled castor is carefully crafted but may show slight variations in finish to add character to your furnishing

For Square Cup castors two brass plated locking screws are provided to help prevent the sqaure cup from coming loose.  These screws are provided in good faith to assist and may not suit the thickness of the timber leg.  It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that any fittings used are suitable for the task.  Furnacc cannot be responsible for the application of any product supplied.

Solid Brass Cup and Yoke

Strong and sturdy

Solid 32mm Brass wheel

Also available in 25mm Brass wheel


 Overall Height

(floor to leg bottom)

 Wheel Height

(top of wheel to floor)

 Weight  Diameter or Dimensions  Width  Thickness  Fixing Holes  Depth of Cup  Dimensions of Cup Bottom
 CASTOR  50mm  32mm  254g            
 WHEEL        32mm  15mm  28mm (at yoke)      

 32mm x 32mm (internal)

40mm x 40mm (external)

       24mm  21mm x 21mm

 2 x 2.7mm

C/sink 6mm

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