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Silent Dome Carpet Glides


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Silent Dome Carpet Glides
Silent Dome Carpet Glides from Furnacc. 19mm and 25mm diameter. Saucer shaped glides with 3 sharp prongs for hammering into the bases of wooden chairs and tables. Easily slid across carpet or rugs. Minimum buy is 4 pieces with 16+ piece quantity break.
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NZ$ 1.74 per Each
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Specifically designed to glide silently over carpet and floor rugs.  The dome-shaped carpet glide is simply hammered into the base of wooden chairs and tables.  This type of carpet glide has been used for years for this purpose.  Three (3) strong triangular teeth are simply hammered into the base of the wooden frame. CARE MUST BE TAKEN NOT TO SPLIT THE TIMBER NEAR THE EDGE.  The 19mm diameter silent dome is suitable for timber legs of 25mm diameter or 25mm x 25mm square or greater.  The 25mm diameter silent dome is suitable for timber legs of 30mm diameter round or 30mm x 30mm square or greater.

 Diameter of Dome  Height of Dome  Teeth Height  Thickness
 19mm  5.70mm  6.00mm  1.10mm
 25mm  5.70mm  6.00mm  1.10mm
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