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Bed Base Legs Glide 145mm


Bed Base Legs Glide 145mm

Bed Base Legs Glide 145mm from Furnacc in three (3) screw-in steel threaded rod sizes. Thread sizes are traditional Imperial 5/16", 3/8" and Metric M8. To see pricing, quantity breaks & stock availability click on your selection in the 'Option' drop-down box. Need more stock see 'Stock Status' tab (below)

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[{"colour":"","code":"PLPLWG","size":"","price":10.04,"qty":100,"pid":1444378,"style":"5/16"","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/410978/pid1444377/Bed_Leg_001.png","title":"Bed Base Legs Glide 145mm"},{"colour":"","code":"PLPLWGX","size":"","price":11.94,"qty":50,"pid":1623256,"style":"5/16" + Insert Screw","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/410978/pid1444377/Bed_Leg_001.png","title":"Bed Base Legs Glide 145mm"},{"colour":"","code":"PLPLWGM8","size":"","price":10.04,"qty":100,"pid":3456190,"style":"m8","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/410978/pid1444377/Bed_Leg_001.png","title":"Bed Base Legs Glide 145mm"},{"colour":"","code":"PLPLWGM8X","size":"","price":11.94,"qty":50,"pid":3456191,"style":"m8 + Insert Screw","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/410978/pid1444377/Bed_Leg_001.png","title":"Bed Base Legs Glide 145mm"},{"colour":"","code":"PLPLWG1453","size":"","price":14.68,"qty":100,"pid":3456192,"style":"3/8"","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/410978/pid1444377/Bed_Leg_001.png","title":"Bed Base Legs Glide 145mm"},{"colour":"","code":"BLG14538Y","size":"","price":16.54,"qty":50,"pid":3456193,"style":"3/8" + t/nut","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/410978/pid1444377/Bed_Leg_001.png","title":"Bed Base Legs Glide 145mm"}]
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Product is manufactured from virgin Nylon Plastic for strength & durability

No recycled plastic is used in these bed legs which can weaken the product

Additional strength is obtained by the use of full length solid steel threaded rods 

The glide pads are convex shaped to allow easy movement over carpet and floors

Threaded rods are available in Imperial 5/16", 3/8" and Metric m8 threads

These 3 thread sizes are widely used for bed manufacturing in NZ & Australia

Matching metal fittings are available as an optional extra

How to select the correct thread size.
There are four (4) metal thread size on bed frames in New Zealand and it is difficult to visually identify them. They could be 5/16", m8, 3/8" or m10. This is what you can do.
  • Identify the brand name on the bedframe (or the mattress brand if there is no brand on the frame) and send a message to us by using the Enquiry Form on the Product Enquiry tab. We may be able to advise the thread size from our records.
  • Take an existing leg to a local hardware store and check the thread on a nut in the Fasteners Dept. Some stores have a sizing board with various size nuts on it for this purpose. If there is no sizing board try your bed leg on a metric m8 nut.
    • If on a metric m8 nut it goes on after 4 or 5 turns it is metric m8. If it jams after 4 or 5 turns it is Imperial 5/16".
    • If the thread on your bed legs is too big for an m8 nut then try it on an metric m10 nut. Once again if it goes on after 4 or 5 turns it is metric m10. If it jams after 4 or 5 turns it is an Imperial 3/8" size.
    • Based on that you will have identified the correct size to order.
  • Send one leg to us for sizing. We will identify the thread size immediately and advise what to order.
  • If the existing legs on your bed frame are metal or wooden you should send a photo of the leg and fitting so that we can offer suggestions as what action to take.
If there is insufficient stock showing of your selection and the system defaults to actual physical stock we may be able assemble more stock so that you can order.  This may take 48 hours to arrange.  
Click on the 'Product Enquiry' tab or phone 0210474430 during business hours to enquire about this.
Prices, quantity breaks and stock availability can be obtained by clicking on your selection in the 'Option' drop-down box

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