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38mm Plastic Slat Pockets


38mm Plastic Slat Pockets
Bed frame parts including 38mm plastic pocket spare parts for beds with flexible wooden slats fitted are available from Furnacc. Specialty 38mm twin-slat system bed holders and slat caps are from our on-line store. Fixing Pins included.
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Superior side-mounted P38SMGP bed slat plastic pocket for 2 narrow 38mm wide slats.  The Twin Slat system (2 slats side-by-side per slat cap) offers an evenly spaced bed support surface area providing more mattress support. Suitable for wooden framed beds this flexible slat cap when used in conjunction with flexible laminated slats offers superb comfort during use. Two pins supplied with each slat pocket.  Each set consists of 1 plastic pocket and 2 pins.

The P38SMGP 38mm Slat Pocket is manufactured from SBS thermoplastic rubber material which has all the characteristics of natural rubber without some of rubbers disadvantages.  SBS has extremely high elasticity which makes it ideally suitable for use in flexible slat pockets.  Provision is in the slat pocket design for a third lower slat offering greater support for heavier body weights.

In use P38SMGP slat pockets are mounted from the inside by the use of two pins (supplied), usually fitting into a wooden cleat running along the inside of a timber slat bed side rail.  These bed base holders are usually separated at 130mm centres.  The 130mm spacing ensures the flexible slats are evenly spaced down the row.  On Double, Queen and King size beds where a centre rail is required then two slat holders are positioned back-to-back with a 5-10mm space between them.

Manufactured in Europe the S38SMGP Flexible Slat Pocket is produced to the highest standard from virgin SBS shock resistant thermoplastic materials to meet exact tolerances.  Each slat holder is fully recyclable or suitable for disposal in landfill.  Colour availability is Moss Green.

Slat Pockets are also known as a Posture Slat Cap; Slat Shoe; Slat Holder; Bed Support; Rubber Cap; Rubber Boot; Plastic Pocket; Plastic Shoe; Plastic Holder; Plastic Boot; Bed Base Holder; Slat Cap; Bed Base Support; Flexible Slat Shoe; Flexible Slat Cap or Flexible Slat Holder.

  • Modern European design for 38mm wide slats
  • Used extensively in flexible slat bed manufacture
  • Provision in the design of the slat pocket to fit a lower third slat for maximum body support. Enquire for details.
  • Has all the characteristics of natural rubber
  • Extremely high elasticity
  • Plastic is SBS thermoplastic rubber material 60 shore (hardness grade)
  • Absolutely free of PVC
  • 100% recyblable or suitable for disposal in landfills
  • 38mm maximum slat width
  • 8.5mm maximum slat thickness
  • Cleat hole is 10mm diameter
  • Cleat hole depth is 15mm
  • Pins are drilled at 64mm centres
  • Slat holders pins are separated at 130mm centres

Sold as a set consisting of 1 plastic pocket and 2 pins.  The S38SMGP is available in small quantities as low as 1 set (1 plastic pockets and 2 pins) up to full bed lots of 60 0r 120 sets.  Need more than 120 sets - enquire using the 'Product Enquiry' tab.

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