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Chair Glide Rubber Pad Chrome


Chair Glide Rubber Pad Chrome
Chair Glide Rubber Pad Chrome from Furnacc. Sturdy glide pad with rubber buffer between wooden chair leg and chrome-plated steel base. Diameter is 24mm and height is 10mm. Provides added seating comfort and a 'softer' seat when seated for long periods of time.
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Designed to protect carpets and rugs from damage caused by timber chair legs.  These glides with rubber pads are designed to fit beneath larger diameter timber legs. Diameter of chair glide rubber pad is 24mm and so will suit wooden chair legs of greater than 30mm diameter or 30mm x 30mm square. These glides look smart and make a statement as well as providing additional comfort.  Most timbers used in chair legs are hard grain timbers and it is advisable to drill a slightly undersized (or no larger than the actual shank diameter) pilot hole in the centre of each chair leg during fitting to avoid splitting of the timber. The pilot hole can be 15mm deep so that the tip of the nail digs slightly into the timber to retain the glide in place without it falling out when being moved. The shank diameter is 2.50mm and so a fractionally undersized pilot hole will also hold the glide in place when the screw thread bites iinto it. In addition two sides of the nail are grooved to aid in holding them in place.

24mm diameter

10mm height

20mm nail length

2.5mm nail shank diamter

Chrome plated steel base

Black rubber buffer

 Diameter of Glide  Height of Base  Thickness of Rubber  Overall Height  Materials  Length of Nail  Shank Dia.
 24mm  6mm  4mm  10mm  Chrome Plated Steel  20mm  2.50mm

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