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Chair Nail Glide 18mm x 15mm


Chair Nail Glide 18mm x 15mm
Chair Nail Glide 18mm x 15mm from Furnacc. Simple but very practical nail-on glide for wooden chairs. For use on carpets & rugs. Made in Europe from top quality plastic and steel. Low profile brown colour blends in so that the glide is virtually unseen. Quantity breaks for 16+ and 32+ pieces.
Also known as pin glide, nail glides and chair glides.
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NZ$ 1.40 including GST
Price for 16+:
NZ$ 0.87 per Each
Price for 32+:
NZ$ 0.70 per Each
Price for 100+:
NZ$ 0.50 per Each
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Designed to protect carpets and rugs from the scraping of wooden chair legs. Permits the chair to glide smoothly over carpet and rugs when being seated.  Diameter of plastic glide mount is 18mm and so will suit wooden chair legs of greater than 22mm diameter or 22mm x 22mm square. These glides are virtually unseen and unsighted below eye level when in use.  Most timbers used in chair legs are hard grain timbers and it is advisable to drill a slightly undersized pilot hole (or no larger than the actual shank diameter) in the centre of each chair leg during fitting to avoid splitting of the timber. The pilot hole can be 10-12mm deep so that the tip of the nail digs into the timber to retain the glide in place without it falling out when being moved.  A slightly undersized pilot hole will also hold the glide in place when the nail penetrates the hole.  Simply hammer the Chair Nail Glides gently but firmly into the pilot hole. Note that all the weight loading of a chair is downwards and if fitted correctly the glides will not move.

18mm diameter

5.50mm height

15mm nail length

2.00mm nail shank diameter

Brown plastic base

 Diameter of Glide  Height of Glide  Material  Colour  Length of Nail  Nail Dia.
 18mm  5.50mm  Plastic  Brown  15mm  2.00mm

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