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Design Mobel EVO Slat Holder 50mm


Design Mobel EVO Slat Holder 50mm
Design Mobel EVO Slat Holder 50mm including 2 pins. Original slat holder fitting for DM (Design Mobel) bed frames. Comes complete with 2 pins for horizontal fitting on selected DM bed frames. Pin holes are at 64mm centres. Slat Holder snaps closed over pins for easy assembly. Colour sky blue.

Also known as DM, Design Mobel, Evo slat shoe, Evo slat system
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Overall width is 59mm

Slat opening cavity is 50mm x 9.5mm

Height is 36mm

Depth is 21.6mm

Internal cavity depth is 20mm

Hole centres are at 64mm centres

Pin hole diamters are 10mm

2 Pins supplied per slat holder


Colour Blue

Slat holder designed to snap closed over the pins for ease of assembly

Made from Thermoplastic Elastomer TEEE (Ester Block Copolymer)

TEEE is a high performance engineeering material ideal for dynamic applications

TEEE has great flex fatique resistance and resilience with exceptional toughness, impact resistance and load-bearing capacity

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