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Jute Webbing 50mm by the Metre


Jute Webbing 50mm by the Metre
Jute Webbing 50mm by the Metre from Furnacc. Strongly woven 50mm wide natural jute webbing with 2 red stripes denoting top quality. Used extensively in the furniture trades on backrests and chair bases where minimal stretch and movement is important. Sold by the metre.
Also known as hessian or burlap.
NZ$ 1.50 excluding GST
NZ$ 1.73 including GST
Price for 5+:
NZ$ 1.00 per Metre
Price for 10+:
NZ$ 0.95 per Metre
Price for 30+:
NZ$ 0.87 per Metre
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Natural jute webbing is sourced from a Fibrous Plant mainly grown in India and other Asian countries that is shredded and spun into yarn. The jute yarn is woven into stretch-resistant webbing for use in the traditional upholstery trades on chair seats and backs. Furnacc supplies jute webbing with 2 red stripes that denotes quality and has a 10lb breaking strain.  Jute webbing is also known as burlap and hessian. Jute webbing is available from Furnacc by the metre with quantity breaks of 5+, 10+ and 30+ metres.

Jute webbing is also used extensively as plant ties in horticulture industry where because of its natural benefits the jute will break down eventually under ultraviolet light once its job of protecting the tree or plant from wind has passed.

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