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Plastic Nail Strip for Fixing 9.5mm Nails


Plastic Nail Strip for Fixing 9.5mm Nails
Plastic Nail Strip for Fixing 9.5mm Nails is a simple fool-proof method of fixing the most popular head size (9.5mm) decorative nails on sofa's, headboards and ottomans. Evenly spaces the nail heads, permits perfectly shaped curves and straight lines to be formed and the strip is easily removed when the nails are in place. Disposable product sold by the 1 metre long strip.
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Plastic nail strip aids the fixing of decorative nails during upholstery work.  This is a single-use disposable product designed to speed up the fixing of decorative nails and ensure that they are evenly spaced and regular in shape when formed as straight lines or curves.  Suitable ONLY FOR NAILS WITH 9.5mm DIAMETER HEADS.  However the plastic nail strip may also work satisfactorily on Larger Head 19mm diameter head nails which are exactly double the size.

The method is to separate the Plastic Nail Strip from its retaining tabs so that it is a continuous strip. Insert only a handful of nails part-way through the holes at selected strategic positions to position the strip exactly how you want it to appear.  Using a soft face hammer tap those nails part-way into place so that they are firmly placed but not fully secure.  Check your work.  Fix the remaining nails in place in the plastic strip and partial secure them as before.  Check your work.  Hammer in the nails so that they are nearly fully fixed but NOT SO TIGHT that the plastic nail strip canot be removed.  Tear away the plastic nail strip as though it were a perforation and dispose of it.  Permantly fix the nails into place. Your nails should now be evenly spaced in exactly the position you require them.  

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Single-use disposable product
  • Permits perfect positioning of 9.5mm head size nails
  • Curves and straight lines are easily achieved
  • Evenly spaced nail heads
  • May also work with 19.0mm Large Head nails

Presented as a coiled strip made from clear PVC

Coiled strip is taped to cardboard

Protected during transport by plastic polybubble

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