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Bun Foot 45mm (h) x 87mm (dia)


Bun Foot 45mm (h) x 87mm (dia)

Bun Foot 45mm (h) x 87mm (dia) Mahogany stain & Raw unfinished. Metric m8 & Imperial 5/16" threaded rod fitting. Option to supply matching threaded Insert Screws. See 'Information' tab for how to select the thread size. Click on the 'Option' drop-down box to see Prices, quantity discounts & stock availability. Priced from $8.80 each + courier + GST

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Thread Size
These bun feet connect by threaded rod into matching metal fittings. This is the only way they will connect. If other methods of connecting legs have been used on your furniture then to use these legs new 10mm diameter drill holes may be required. The two (2)  metal thread size options available with these legs are Imperial 5/16" or Metric m8 and both are either exactly 8mm diameter (or very close to it) but they will not connect together and it is difficult to visually tell them apart.
To determine if you need to choose 5/16" or m8 threads (or something else) for your existing furniture do the following:
  • Take an existing leg to a local hardware store and check the thread on a nut in the Fasteners Dept.  Some stores have a sizing board with various size nuts on it for this purpose.  If there is no sizing board try your bed leg on a metric m8 nut. 
    • If on a metric m8 nut it goes on after 4 or 5 turns it is metric m8.  If it jams after 4 or 5 turns it is Imperial 5/16"
    • If the thread on your bed legs is too big for an m8 nut then try it on an metric m10 nut.  Once again if it goes on after 4 or 5 turns it is metric m10. If it jams after 4 or 5 turns it is an Imperial 3/8" size. 
    • Based on that you will have identified the correct size.
  • Or send one leg to us for sizing.  We will identify the thread size immediately and advise what to order.
  • Or buy the opton Leg + Fitting and drill 10mm (d) x 22mm (d)  holes approximately 30mm from the existing fittings (to avoid splitting the timber) and screw in the fittings supplied.  They will exactly match the threaded rods on your new legs.  You will need either an 8mm Allen Key tool or an 8mm straight blade screwdriver to screw in the new Insert Screw metal fittings.  In this situation it will not matter if you order 5/16" + Fitting or m8 + Fitting. Attaching these new fittings is considered a good DIY project and is not particularly difficult.  Once the fittings are screwed in then your new bun feet will simply screw into the middle of the fittings.

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