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Recliner Footrest Spring SET


Recliner Footrest Spring SET
Recliner footrest springs SET consists of two 180mm long springs for both sides of a recliner chair to operate the footrest. Furnacc supplies matching blue and red coloured springs. Details below:
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Some recliner chairs on the market may require two springs to operate.  A footrest spring operates (opens) the footrest when the handle or cable release trigger is operated.  The spring needs to be strong enough to open the footrest fully but not so strong that it is difficult to close. Additionally footrest springs need to be strong enough to take continuous opening and closing over several years.  Furnacc footrest springs are manufactured from strong 2.0mm diameter spring wire, coiled tightly, chrome plated to prevent rusting and fitted with plastic grips to eliminate wear as well as reduce noise.

Traditionally each spring is identified by coloured plastic foam (blue and red) inserted inside the spring coil body  Furnacc footrest springs are also identified by blue and red foam inserts but are IDENTICAL IN STRENGTH and can go on either side.  Furnacc footrest springs are also available as individual springs for those recliner mechanisms that operate with one spring. See product FS180.

Recliner Footrest Springs are also known as a recliner spring; coil spring; spiral spring or power spring.

  • Genuine original factory manufactured springs
  • 2.0mm diameter spring wire
  • Bright Chrome Plated for protection
  • Plastic grips on both hooks for smooth and silent movement
  • Two (2) springs per SET
  • Set of 2 springs
  • BLUE or RED foam inserted inside each coil body
  • Overall Length - 180mm
  • Main Body Length - 105mm
  • Long Hook Length - 58mm
  • Short Hook Length - 17mm
  • Body Diameter - 15mm
  • Wire Diameter - 2.0mm
  • Hooks can be twisted should they need to point in opposite directions
  • Plastic Grips fitted both ends

1 x Footrest Spring - Blue

1 x Footrest Spring - Red

Packed inside polybag and wrapped inside corrugated board

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