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Replacement Bed Base Slats 1055mm Long


Replacement Bed Base Slats 1055mm Long
Replacement Bed Base Slats 1055mm Long from Furnacc. 53mm and 38mm widths. European sourced Beech timber laminated bed slats with arc curved surface. Caters for King Single bed size. Easily cut to size for the exact length you require. Select 'Pricing' tab (below) to see prices. Bulk SETS are also available.
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[{"colour":"","code":"SUSF1055539","size":"","price":5.9,"qty":0,"pid":1825555,"style":"1055x53x9mm Slat Only","disabled":true,"imgsrc":"/images/410978/pid1825554/Slat_38mm_close_up_0301.jpg","title":"Replacement Bed Base Slats 1055mm Long"},{"colour":"","code":"SUSF105553915","size":"","price":75.9,"qty":0,"pid":1825556,"style":"Set of 15 1055x53x9mm","disabled":true,"imgsrc":"/images/410978/pid1825554/Slat_38mm_close_up_0301.jpg","title":"Replacement Bed Base Slats 1055mm Long"},{"colour":"","code":"SUSF1055388","size":"","price":3.57,"qty":25,"pid":1825557,"style":"1055x38x8mm Slat Only","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/410978/pid1825554/Slat_38mm_close_up_0301.jpg","title":"Replacement Bed Base Slats 1055mm Long"},{"colour":"","code":"SUSF1055388SEC","size":"","price":2.5,"qty":5,"pid":3076072,"style":"1055x38x8 SECONDS","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/410978/pid1825554/Slat_38mm_close_up_0301.jpg","title":"Replacement Bed Base Slats 1055mm Long"},{"colour":"","code":"SUSF105538830","size":"","price":85.5,"qty":0,"pid":1825558,"style":"Set of 30 1055x38x8mm","disabled":true,"imgsrc":"/images/410978/pid1825554/Slat_38mm_close_up_0301.jpg","title":"Replacement Bed Base Slats 1055mm Long"}]
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Products shown as SECONDS are structurally sound but have blemishes.

Blemishes may be bubbles on the side lamination layers where the adhesive has hollowed out during manufacture, or may be scratches or markings on the top surface.  There are no cracks in the timber.  Strong as the originals but not has pretty.  A price deal as the slats get covered by the mattress and bedding and so are unsighted in use.

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