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Tension Slats for Flexible Slat Beds


Tension Slats for Flexible Slat Beds
Tension Slats for Flexible Slat Beds from Furnacc. Used in conjunction with the SA55BO Slat Tensioner to increase the weight loading of flexible slat beds for heavier body weights. Easily retro-fitted on existing 53mm wide and 38mm wide flexible slat systems. Click on 'Pricing' tab for tension slat prices. Minimum Order 2 slats.
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[{"colour":"","code":"SUSF700536","size":"700x53x6mm","price":7.47,"qty":96,"pid":3720017,"style":"","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/410978/pid1433329/Tension_slat_53mm_0303.jpg","title":"Tension Slats for Flexible Slat Beds"},{"colour":"","code":"SUSF700386","size":"700x38x6mm","price":2.6,"qty":600,"pid":1433331,"style":"","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/410978/pid1433329/Tension_slat_53mm_0303.jpg","title":"Tension Slats for Flexible Slat Beds"}]
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Tension slats available in 53mm and 38mm widths and are thinner and shorter than the main bed slats used on flexible slat beds. Each tension slat can be fitted retrospecively beneath an existing flexible posture slat or to a new slat in new bed construction.  Tension slats come in one length of 700mm and you can cut the slats to length to fit your particular bed frame.  Each Tension Slat is bound to its main slat by use of 2 plastic tensioners.  Plastic Tensioners are sold separately or along with our tension slat kit - see associated items tab below.  The intention of a Tension Slat is to increase the load bearing ability for heavier body weights.  Body weights up to 120kg can be accommodated by the addition of a Tension Slats.  Tension Slats can be fitted to all slats on one side of the bed or to both sides or be fitted only to selected rows carrying heavy-load areas such as under shoulders and hips on just one or both sides of the bed.  So to fit Tension Slats on one row of one side of a bed you will need 1 x main flexible slat (existing or new), 1 x tension slat and 2 x Plastic Tensioners.  The main flexible slat may be an existing slat or a new one and the Tension Slat may need the length to be cut down to fit your bed. Note that Tension Slats are 6mm thick and can be bound to main flexible slats of 8mm, 9mm or 10mm thickness.  The maximum combined thickness of both main flexible slat and Tension Slat inside the both Plastic Tensioners is 17mm. 

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