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Tensioner Slat Kits


Tensioner Slat Kits

Tensioner Slat Kits for Slat bed bases easily strengthen the existing flexible slats on your slat bed. Each kit consists of 5 flexible tensioner slats and 10 sliding tension adjusters. This is sufficient to fit to 5 rows on one side of one bed where you require additional support. Widths available are 53mm and 38mm for all bed sizes. Replacement Flexible Bed Slats can be purchased separately

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[{"colour":"","code":"SUSFTSS538","size":"10x 38mm Wide SLIDERS -","price":52.95,"qty":9999,"pid":5575111,"style":"38mm Wide x 6mm Thick x 700mm Long SLATS","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/410978/pid1506244/Slat_kit.jpg","title":"Tensioner Slat Kits"},{"colour":"","code":"SUSFTSS553","size":"10x 53mm Wide SLIDERS -","price":76.55,"qty":9999,"pid":5575112,"style":"53mm Wide x 6mm Thick x 700mm Long SLATS","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/410978/pid1506244/Slat_kit.jpg","title":"Tensioner Slat Kits"},{"colour":"","code":"SLTK7005338","size":"10x Yellow 38mm/53mm Wide SLIDERS -","price":54.165,"qty":9999,"pid":5575134,"style":"38mm Wide x 6mm Thick x 700mm Long SLATS","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/410978/pid1506244/Yellow_53_38_Tensioner_2_fitted.jpg","title":"Tensioner Slat Kits"}]
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A slat tensioner kit enables five rows of existing flexible slats to be strengthened in order to cope with heavier body weights or provide additional support where needed.   A tensioner kit can be retrofitted to an existing flexible slat bed.  If more, or less, than 5 rows are required then the components can be ordered individually.  Five rows per side of bed is usually sufficient.  This allows for 2 rows beneath the shoulders and 3 rows beneath the hips.  If total support for heavier body weights is required then all rows on one side, or both sides, can be retrofitted.  This will increase the body loading capacity by approximately 50%. Both tension slats and plastic tension adjusters are manufactured in Europe for quality assurance.

How to Fit a Tension Slat and Adjuster Sliders

The concept of a tensioner kit is to 'double-up' flexible slats by positioning a tension slat beneath an existing flexible slat of 53mm width or 38mm width.  The design of the plastic tension adjuster is such that they will accept a combined slat thickness of the 2 'doubled-up' slats of maximum thickness 17mm.

On each 53mm System row fit 1 x 6-8mm tensioner slat and 2 plastic 53/38mm or 53mm tension adjusters.

On each 38mm System row fit 1 x 6mm tensioner slat and 2 plastic 38mm tension adjusters.

Each tension adjuster can slide inwards and outwards.  This allows each row to be individually adjusted for tension and more or less comfort as required. Pushing the pair of sliders together towards the centre SOFTENS the support whilst pulling them apart HARDENS the firmness.

Two widths of slats are catered for,  53mm wide and 38mm wide.  Tension slats are slightly curved in an 'arc' to match the curve of the original flexible slats on your bed.  Suitable usage is as follows:

700mm - King, Super King & King Single (Customers can cut slats to 600mm length for Single & Double beds)

Due to the narrow size of Single and Double beds it is normally of no advantage to incorporate slat tensioner kits.  However it can be done if required as each tension slat is easily cut to size.  This may be useful when outfitting caravans or campervans or similar.

Suitable flexible slats for new build furniture are also available on this website.

Each Kit Contains:

Five (5) Tensioner slats 

Ten (10) plastic Tension Sliders

Slat System widths are 53mm or 38mm


Slat length is 700mm

38mm Tensioner Slats: 38 wide x 6mm thick

53mm Tensioner Slats: 53 x 6mm thick

Maximum Combination of existing Flexible Slat and Tensioner Slat can be 17mm 

Slat Tension Adjuster DM DUO 53/38mm works with an existing 53mm wide Flexible Slat and is supplied with 38mm wide Tensioner Slats (refer to image of yellow tension adjuster).

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