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Castor Wheel 75mm (h) for Beds


Castor Wheel 75mm (h) for Beds
Castor Wheel 75mm (h) TW 50mm dia for Beds with bright chrome plated hood, 50mm diameter plastic twin wheel castor and 5/16" threaded rod for fitting to the underside of your bed frame. Matching 5/16" T/nut included (see image).
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Replacement bed legs or bed leg castors are an attractive low profile (75mm high) option to permit easy movement of your bed.  Our Wheeled Castor Furniture Legs for Beds is based on the traditional 5/16" thread size.  Your bed may already have this size Insert Screw or T/Nut fitted on the underside of your bed as it has been the industry standard for many years.  If not you must fit a matching 5/16" Insert Screw (available as an option) that can be retrofitted to the underside of your bed frame in place of your existing fitting. To use our Wheeled Castor Furniture Legs for Beds you must have a 5/16" thread to receive the threaded rod - no other size will suit. To fit the 5/16" Insert Screw (comes with wood thread on the outside / 5/16" metal thread on the inside) you will need a 10mm drill bit and may need to drill a new hole alongside the existing one.

Wheel Diameter 50mm

Height to Top of Hood 54mm

Height to Top of Mounting Plate 75mm

Diameter of Mounting Plate 42mm

Width of Castor Wheels at widest point 48mm

Width of each wheel 13mm

Mounting Plate Height 22mm

Length of Threaded Stud 28mm

Thread Size is 5/16" Imperial

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