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Upholstery Studs WHITE 11.0mm


Upholstery Studs WHITE 11.0mm
Upholstery Studs WHITE ENAMEL for furniture. Enhance the appearance of your chairs and sofa's with the addition of colour upholstery studs. Head size is 11.0mm and shank length is 13mm. Other colours available. Pack size is multiples of Packs of 10. Price is per EACH.
Also known as: upholstery pins; white upholstery nails; white nailheads; decorative tacks & furniture nails.
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The white colour on this enamel nail is known as 'Pure White'.  As a note of caution it is difficult to photographically reproduce the exact same colour on a small website image.  Also every individual PC screen is set up for colour differently. The finish on the Pure White nail head is baked enamel with the colours specified under the RAL system for paint and coatings.  You can inspect the RAL colour for Pure White by going to the following website link.


Once viewed you can return to the Furnacc website by use of the ← ← (reverse arrows) near the top of your webpage.

There is no exact equivalent to RAL Pure White in the Pantone range as Pantone applies to printing and other types of media and not paint & coatings.   However as a guide the nearest Pantone colour to RAL9010 is Pantone Solid Colour 7527 C.

Note: There may also be slight variances in colour between different batches of the same colour enameled nails for which we cannot accept any responsibility.  However wherever practical we will endeavour to draw the stock for each order from the same packet.

FASTENING NAILS - To avoid damage to the enamel it is recommended that a soft face hammer (nylon tipped or felt/cloth covered steel head) be used when driving these nails into timber.  Extreme hardwood timbers may require a fine pilot hole to be pre-drilled to avoid bending the shank or distorting the nail head. Furnacc cannot be responsible for the application of these decorative nails.

Pure white

Strong construction

13mm (1/2") shank

Baked enamel surface

Head diameter 11.0mm

Shank length 13mm

Pure White RAL 9010

Sold in multiples of packs of 10

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