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Carpet Tacks Blued Large 13mm (50)


Carpet Tacks Blued Large 13mm (50)
Carpet Tacks Blued Large 13mm for fastening carpets, elastic webbings, hessian and heavier linings & fabrics. BLUED to help prevent rusting and IMPROVED CUT with longer 13mm shank and thicker shank for heavy-duty use. Sold in multiples of Packs of 50 tacks.
Also known as: Nail tacks; tack nails; nail heads; upholstery tacks & furniture tacks.
NZ$ 6.26 excluding GST
NZ$ 7.20 including GST
Price for 2+:
NZ$ 6.00 per Pack 50
Price for 10+:
NZ$ 5.65 per Pack 50
Price for 20+:
NZ$ 4.78 per Pack 50
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Upholstery tacks blued cut IMPROVED for fastening elastic webbing, Hessian and heavier materials when upholstering sofa's, chairs and lounge suites.  The BLUED is the method of heat treatment used for decades to resist rusting.  The IMPROVED CUT is the shape of the point designed to easily penetrate most hardwood timbers.  IMPROVED is the longer and larger head blued cut tack ideal for fastening upholstery materials.  Length of shank is 13mm and diameter of head is approximately 7mm.  A smaller FINE blued cut tack is available for fixing fabrics and linings.  See second image for comparison of sizes.  Upholstery Tacks Blued IMPROVED 13mmm are sold in multiple packs of 50 tacks.  Quantity breaks apply for 4+ packs (200 tacks) and 10+ packs (500 tacks).

IMPROVED tacks for fastening elastic webbing, hessian and heavier materials


BLUED heat treatment to help prevent rusting

CUT is the shape of point for penetrating timber

Shank length 13mm

Head diameter 7mm (approx)

Pack Sizes:

Each pack contains 50 IMPROVED Tacks

1 pack = 50 tacks

4 packs = 200 tacks

10 packs = 500 tacks

Improved 13mm Tack Nails are supplied in multiples of 50

Quantity Breaks are available for the following:-

Qty 1 = 50 nails 

Qty 2 = 100 nails

Qty 10 = 500 nails

Quantities up to 300 nails are supplied in polybags

Quantities in excess of 300 nails are supplied in plastic jars

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