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Continuous Upholstery Studs 9.5mm SILVER


Continuous Upholstery Studs 9.5mm SILVER
Continuous Upholstery Studs 9.5mm in NICKEL SILVER and of length 1015mm. Each strip supplied with 20 loose nails to secure the nail strip in place. Minimum sale is 2 strips including loose nails.
Also known as: Continuous trim; nail tack strip; furniture trim; upholstery nails & furniture tacks.
NZ$ 8.52 excluding GST
NZ$ 9.80 including GST
Price for 5+:
NZ$ 7.68 per Each
Price for 10+:
NZ$ 7.06 per Each
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Continuous upholstery nail studs are intended to speed up and simplify the work of fitting decorative nails particularly where straight lengths are involved.  Continuous trim is not intended to go round very tight curves.  Loose nails are for that.  However slight curves may be accommodated by carefully bending (or fractionally notching) the short length of metal between false nail heads.  Care needs to be taken to do this.  For the amateur it is important that the strip be 'walked' around the job before any nailing takes place.  This is to decide the most appropriate place for joins and even more importantly to avoid a 'nail head' appearing on a sharp corner where the nail strip is to be bent.  Use the small metal strip between nail heads for that.  Planning and thinking about the job to avoid nail heads being smack in the middle of a corner will save endless problems.  Careful spacing of spare loose nails will accommodate any slight length issues without affecting the appearance. Extra nails are available to be ordered in small quantities for this purpose. Locating a nail at each end of the nail strip and one near the centre of the strip to ensure the nail strip is in exactly the right place and is straight and level before doing the final nailing will produce a really professional looking job.  Continuous trim is potentially easliy damaged during cartage so great care is taken in getting the long strips packaged safely and securely which has a bearing on the price.

Modern Nickel Silver Appearance

Chrome-like Mirror Finish

9.5mm Nail Head

Supplied with 20 Loose Nails

Well suited for use on furniture and headboards

Length 1015mm

Head Diameter 9.5mm

Nickel Silver (chrome-like)

20 nails supplied for false nail holes


Upholstery Nail Strip ( because of its length) can be potentially damaged in transit.

Every effort is made to get your product to you in one piece

  • Each strip is 1015mm in length
  • When packed each strip is bound together to avoid scratching
  • Strips are bound to a timber stake
  • Bound timber stakes and Continuous Trim are packed inside corrugated cardboard
  • The appropriate quantity of loose nails are packed inside a polybag inside the cardboard packaging
  • Any extra loose nails ordered separately are packed inside a separate polybag inside the cardboard packaging.

Check the contents thoroughly to ensure no polybags or nails are inadvertently thrown out with the packaging


Any small bends in the Upholstery Nail Strip can easily be straightened out

Any major transit damage should be reported to us immediately

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