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Webbing Elastic for Furniture Seats


Webbing Elastic for Furniture Seats
Webbing Elastic for Furniture Seats. Top quality grey 4-stripe 50mm wide woven elastic webbing for chairs, sofa's and lounge suites. As used by professional furniture manufacturers. Sold by the metre. Quantity breaks available of 10m+, 20m+ and 50m+
NZ$ 2.50 excluding GST
NZ$ 2.88 including GST
Price for 8+:
NZ$ 2.00 per Metre
Price for 20+:
NZ$ 1.20 per Metre
Price for 50+:
NZ$ 0.88 per Metre
No in-store stock, but more can be shipped promptly

Strong elastic webbing for Sofa Seats as used by many furniture manufacturers.  Four (4) stripes denotes the highest quality suitable for use on chair and sofa seats.  Width is 50mm being the standard upholstery size.  Double ends of natural rubber are inter-woven with strong polypropylene thread to produce a strong long-lasting webbing.  Tenison applied to elastic webbing is unique to each furniture manufacturer depending on their particular production techniques.  The EW450 has the capacity to be stretched to 50% of its length without affecting its ability to perform.  Warranted for five years under normal use.  Sold by the metre and with quantity breaks offered of 10+, 20+ and 50+ metres.

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