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Drill Bits


Drill Bits
Drill Bits for Timber. Top quality twist drills in High Speed Steel. Available in a range of sizes to fit most of the fittings offered in the Furnacc range. Ranging from a 2.0mm drill bit for pilot holes up to 10mm and 13mm diameter drills for slat holders. View the chart under "specifications" for the use of each size.
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High Speed Drill Bits for products on the Furnacc website:

Available sizes:








Drill Size Suits Screw Gauge Suits Pilot Hole Suits Furnacc Products
2.0mm 4g Pilot hole for Brass Castors
5.0mm 10g Metric 5mm Tee Nut
6.0mm 12g Metric 6mm Tee Nut

Metric 8mm Insert Screw & Metric 8mm Tee Nut

9.5mm SS53SPBE Slat Holder

P38SMGP Slat Holder

SH55SMBP Slat Holder

S55TBO Slat Holder

SHTFSP55BK Slat Holder

Metric 10mm Tee Nut

13.0mm PH55TBL Slat Holder
1/4" Imperial 1/4" bswTee Nut
5/16" Imperial 5/16" bsw Tee Nut
3/8" Imperial 3/8" bsw Tee Nut
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