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Hand Tools


Furniture Accessories Limited is permitted (Permit No 90396150) to offer Essential Non Food Goods for the Repair and Replacement of bed frames componentry and furniture parts. Online contactless business only permitted.  Courier only delivery within New Zealand.


Hand Tools that the Professionals Use
  • Antique Nail Plier
    Antique Nail Pliers from Furnacc. Foot is at just the right angle for levering antique decorative nails and helping avoid damage to the furniture. Long head length with pincer-like jaws is very convenient for removing antique nails.
    NZ$ 64.80 Each
    NZ$ 74.52 incl GST
    In Stock
  • Decorative Nail and Button Driving Tool
    Decorative Nail and Button Driving Tool from Furnacc. Has a concave head to prevent the nail being damaged when hammered in.
    NZ$ 78.06 Each
    NZ$ 89.77 incl GST
    In Stock
  • Webbing Stretcher Plastic
    Webbing Stretcher
    NZ$ 31.39 Each
    NZ$ 36.10 incl GST
    In Stock
  • Magnetic Upholsterer's Balanced Hammer
    Magnetic Upholsterer's Balanced Hammer from Furnacc. Forged steel with polished magnetic split head. Hickory handle. Made to US Government Specifications.
    NZ$ 80.70 Each
    NZ$ 92.81 incl GST
    In Stock
  • Nylon Tip Magnetic Hammer for Decorative Nails
    Nylon Tip Magnetic Hammer for Decorative Nails from Furnacc. Solid head of bright bronze. Steel tipped at one end for permanent magnet and with a large face on the other end fitted with a nylon tip. Perfect for preventing damage to decorative nails.
    NZ$ 81.30 Each
    NZ$ 93.50 incl GST
    In Stock
  • Barrel Shaped Hickory Mallet
    Barrel Shaped Hickory Mallet from Furnacc. Classic barrel shape and made from strong durable Hickory. Well balanced and carefully lacquered finish.
    NZ$ 37.20 Each
    NZ$ 42.78 incl GST
    In Stock
  • Screw Drivers
    Screw Drivers suitable for using FASTENERS associated with products on the Furnacc website. PHILLIPS TYPE screw drivers available in 2 tip sizes.
    In Stock
  • Staple Lifter for Small & Long Leg Staples
    Staple Lifter for Small & Long Leg Staples from Furnacc. Tip is at the correct angle for removing staples of any size from the smallest to long leg staples and shredded material. NOT recommended for pulling tacks. Manufactured from top grade steel. Electronically hardened working ends are oven tempered to avoid breakage. Multi-sided handle to keep from rolling on the bench made of easy-to-grip amber plastic.
    NZ$ 63.80 Each
    NZ$ 73.37 incl GST
    In Stock
  • Staple Remover c/w Wooden Handle
    Staple Remover c/w Wooden Handle from Furnacc. One of the most popular staple removers on the market. Wide jaw with two sets of prongs. Forged from grade 4140 alloy tempered steel and carefully hardened for lasting use.
    NZ$ 45.83 Each
    NZ$ 52.70 incl GST
    In Stock
  • Upholsterers Regulator c/w Eye
    Upholsterers Regulator c/w Eye from Furnacc. The basic hand tool of every professional upholsterer. Slim design for smoothing and prodding fabric and linings into hard to access places. Many, many uses. Three (3) gauges available from Extra Light work to Heavy Duty work.
    NZ$ 19.60 Each
    NZ$ 22.54 incl GST
    In Stock
  • Webbing and Canvas Pliers
    Webbing and Canvas Pliers from Furnacc. Made with Hammer Jaw, the hammer acting as a lever if a strong pull is required. Excellent tool for stretching canvas and webbing.
    NZ$ 65.39 Each
    NZ$ 75.20 incl GST
    In Stock
  • Drill Bits
    Drill Bits for Timber. Top quality twist drills in High Speed Steel. Available in a range of sizes to fit most of the fittings offered in the Furnacc range. Ranging from a 2.0mm drill bit for pilot holes up to 10mm and 13mm diameter drills for slat holders. View the chart under "specifications" for the use of each size.
    In Stock
  • Side Cutter Staple Remover
    Side Cutter Staple Remover from Furnacc. Forged steel with long pointed cutter. Polished head with vinyl handles. Low flat profile with raised mount beneath head to aid in removing staples. Also known as an European "vienner" cutter.
    NZ$ 84.30 Each
    NZ$ 96.95 incl GST
    Ships ex Oversaes Supplier
  • 8mm Allen Key
    8mm Allen Key for fastening Metric 8mm (m8) Insert Nuts
    NZ$ 4.00 Each
    NZ$ 4.60 incl GST
    In Stock
  • Drill Bit 9.5mm
    Drill Bit for fitting Metric 8mm (m8) Insert Nuts & t/nuts. Suitable for fitting wooden legs to timber frames.
    NZ$ 10.00 Each
    NZ$ 11.50 incl GST
    In Stock

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